Rosicki, Grudziński & Co.

The Rosicki, Grudziński & Co. Law Firm was founded by solicitors Piotr Rosicki and Maciej Grudziński, with the aim to provide legal assistance, as well as striving for top-level effectiveness, quality, and efficiency.

The firm has experts from a broad range of legal practice at its disposal, which allows for a provision of services specifically tailored to our Clients’ needs, and ensures comprehensive and reliable legal assistance, as well as consultancy on strategic matters.

Our Services

conducting court and non-trial proceedings to resolve disputes through negotiations and ADR

drafting contracts and legal opinions

comprehensive legal service for entrepreneurs in the field of commercial law, relating both to their corporate structure and the scope of their business activities

legal service for international sales of goods and services

pursuing claims in domestic and cross-border proceedings

service in the field of maritime law and other branches of transport

Maritime Law in Szczecin

One of the leading and unique areas of our practice is providing legal services related to the broadly defined maritime, inland and road transport law, with a specific focus on issues concerning contracts of carriage.

Our Law firm, setting high standards and adapting to the dynamically developing field of law, which is the maritime law, thriving on the market of the maritime industry, specialises primarily in the service of companies, ship owners, entrepreneurs around shipbuilding and related organisations with maritime affairs, in particular inland navigation, as well as broadly understood international transport, serving forwarders, carriers, insurers, P & I clubs, brokers and other entities engaged in maritime transport on daily basis.


Lexology GTDT: Market Intelligence – Shipping 2020

We are pleased to inform you that our Law Firm is one of the co-authors of “Lexology GTDT: Market Intelligence – Shipping 2020” – a comprehensive legal guide with a perspective on the conditions and regulations concerning the shipping market in Poland. The article discusses present day problems connected to shipping and the global trends […]

Project for strengthening surveillance in capital companies.

In accordance with the proposed changes contained in the project of the Act amending the Act – the Code of Commercial Companies and certain other acts, new regulations are going to be introduced in capital companies with the view to strengthen surveillance in capital companies. The proposed changes should increase the efficiency of corporate supervision […]

New act on the registration of yachts and other vessels up to 24m in length.

On 1st August 2020, the Act of 12th April 2018 on the registration of yachts and other vessels up to 24m in length (hereinafter: the “Act“) entered into force. The Act defines the obligation for registration for each yacht or vessel used for amateur fishing (which is at least 7.5m long or mechanically propelled with […]

Shipping Law 2020

Shipping Law 2020

„Rosicki, Grudzinski & Co.” in the International
Comparative Legal Guide to Shipping Law

Partners of the „Rosicki, Grudzinski & Co.” Law Firm are among the co-authors of the prestigious international publication on shipping law. Piotr Rosicki and Maciej Grudzinski have prepared the chapter on maritime law in Poland. This article appeared in the 2020 edition of The International Comparative Legal Guide to Shipping Law, published by Global Legal Group Ltd, London.

The legal guide on shipping law in 2020 is a publication involving a number of top law firms specializing in maritime law in various jurisdictions. The publishers kindly asked „Rosicki, Grudzinski & Co.” to make a contribution and provide some insight into legal aspects of shipping in Poland in a Q&A format.