Deadline for submitting information to the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries

Entrepreneurs conducting business activities in the form of commercial companies should submit information about any natural persons exercising direct or indirect control over their company to the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries before 13 July 2020. Foreign companies operating in Poland as branches of parent companies are exempt from this registration, whereas companies undergoing liquidation […]

Changes in VAT which came into force on 1st July 2020

The amendments, which were specified in the Act of 9th August 2019 concerning amending the Act on Value Added Tax (VAT) as well as certain other acts came into force on 1st July 2020. The amendments introduced a new scope for the application of the reduced VAT rates of 8% and 5%, as well as […]

A new petty offense in the Code of Petty Offenses in connection with the propagation of the COVID-19 virus

A new article – Article 65a of the Code of Petty Offenses – was introduced under Article 2 of the “Act on the modification of the Act on specific solutions related to the prevention, counteraction, and combating of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, and the crisis situations caused by them and other Acts” of 31st […]

Exclusion of carriers’ liability for damage caused in connection with the public authorities’ justified actions

As a result of epidemic situation existing in the territory of the Republic of Poland, Article 14 paragraph 1 has been introduced into the “Act on specific solutions related to the prevention, counteraction and combating of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them” of 2nd of March 2020. This article states […]

Happy Easter!

  May you be blessed with succes, prosperity and happines always!   The RG & Co. team

The amendment to the Polish Commercial Companies Code resulting from the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on corporate governance

At this time of the epidemic’s impact on entrepreneurs’ economic situations and the noticeable stagnation on the economic market, as well as the legal solutions which were introduced in connection to this epidemic (which are now being widely discussed in the media and press articles), it is worthwhile giving some attention to the situation concerning […]

Sektor żeglugi śródlądowej w obliczu epidemii w związku z zakażeniami wirusem SARS-CoV-2

W związku z wprowadzeniem stanu epidemicznego na obszarze Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej oraz związanej z nim okresowej kontroli granicznej, Ministerstwo Gospodarki Morskiej i Żeglugi Śródlądowej podjęło działania mające na celu zminimalizowanie wystąpienia ewentualnych negatywnych skutków dla branży żeglugi śródlądowej. Ministerstwo zwróciło się do odpowiednich organów państwowych o zwolnienie z obowiązku 14-dniowej kwarantanny dla załóg statków żeglugi śródlądowej oraz umożliwienie statkom żeglugi śródlądowej przekroczenia granicy z Republiką Federalną Niemiec na Odrze. Ministerstwo podjęło […]

Torremolinos Declaration

In the first half of March, during the European Union High-level Ministerial Maritime Conference in Opatija (Croatia), another three countries, including Poland, signed the “Torremolinos Declaration”, under which States publicly indicate their determination to ratify the Cape Town Agreement from 2012 by the 10th anniversary of its adoption, i.e. until October 11, 2022. The Torremolinos […]

Trader’s right to error

Since 1 January 2020, the Act of 31 July 2019 amending certain acts to reduce the regulatory burden has been in force. Under the a.m. Act, Article 21a was introduced in the Traders’ Law, which grants entrepreneurs a new right to right to make mistake. The amendment applies to traders entered in the Central Register […]

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