New provisions for marine pilots

9 April 2015 saw the entry into force of regulation on recognition of pilot bases and training facilities for the marine pilots, issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development. It implements the provisions of the 2011 Polish Maritime Safety Act. The Regulation introduces new procedures for recognition, renewal, suspension and voiding of certificates granted […]

Condensate damage – carrier’s liability

On 5 March 2015, the England and Wales High Court has issued a verdict in the case Volcafe & others v CSAV that may prove influential in how claims for condensation damage to cargo are being resolved between cargo interests, shipowners and their underwriters. In this action, the High Court was asked to adjudicate on […]

Safe navigation by sea-going vessels – new regulation enters into force

28th January 2015 will see entry into force of the Regulation on particular conditions of safe navigation by sea-going vessels, issued by the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure and Development. The purpose of this regulation is to implement the provisions of Chapter V of the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Convention, by specifying the conditions […]

A step towards hassle-free business administration

On 15th January, partly as a response to various calls from business circles for simplification of legal complexities that govern some aspects of running a Polish commercial company, a much awaited revision of the Commercial Companies Code has entered into force. The 2014 Act on amending the Commercial Companies Code and other related laws introduces […]

Revised Prevention of Pollution from Ships Act in force

Beginning of year 2015 saw entry into force of the revised Polish Prevention of Pollution from Ships Act. The amendments to the Act were introduced in order to implement the provisions of 2012/33/UE Directive on the sulphur content of marine fuels (known as the EU sulphur directive) into Polish law. The revised law contains also […]

Zatonięcie m/v CEMFJORD, a prawo morskie

Wypadek statku „CEMFJORD” w cieśninie Pentland stanowi kolejny przykład ogromnych niebezpieczeństw związanych z podróżą morską. Przepisy prawa morskiego są stale nowelizowane, aby uwzględniać wnioski z wcześniejszych wypadków, ale nigdy nie dadzą gwarancji uniknięcia tragedii. W kontekście zatonięcia m/v „CEMFJORD”, trzeba przypomnieć kilka istotnych regulacji, które mają w zamierzeniu poprawiać bezpieczeństwo na morzu w podobnych okolicznościach. Okoliczności zatonięcia Ze wstępnych informacji wynika, że w sobotę, 3 […]

RG & Co. at „Shale Gas World Europe”

Peter Rosicki was representing “Rosicki, Grudzinski & Co. Law Firm” at the Shale Gas World Europe 2014 Conference in Warsaw, Poland. Our law firm has been providing legal support throughout 2014 in proceedings relating to geological works, including exploration of shale deposits for the purpose of future extraction of shale gas. This prestigious conference gathered […]

”RG & Co.” has a new website

We are happy to announce that our new website has just been launched. One of the new features is the ”News” section which will mainly provide information on some of the issues that relate to Firm’s scope of practice. We hope you will find our website interesting and please visit us regularly.

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