Tachograph Act


31.08.2018 r.

Tachograph Act

On Monday (3.09.2018), the Act of 5 July 2018 about tachographs, which aims to increase the safety of the tachograph system, comes into force. The Act introduces solutions limiting the ability to manipulate data registered by these devices, which will provide new rules for their installation, reparation and checking.

One of the new solutions is the control procedure in the case of a reasonable suspicion that the device has been connected to the tachograph. Then the officer of the inspection service (for instance, Road Transport Inspection) will be entitled to direct the vehicle to a workshop that meets the requirements set out in the Act, in order to check the actual connection of such a device. If tachographs are connected to a manipulative equipment, the costs related to checking the tachograph will be borne by the road haulier. If, on the other hand, such an operation is not confirmed during the inspection, the costs related to tachograph checking are paid by the competent voivod with regard to the place of control.

This Act will also amend the provisions of, among others, the Road Traffic Act, the Road Transport Act and the Driver’s Hours Act.