Our services

uslugi_1The Firm delivers legal services to entrepreneurs from a broad range of industry.
We provide legal assistance in these following, specific fields:

  • civil law,
  • maritime, shipping and transport law,
  • insurance law,
  • commercial and corporate law,
  • bankruptcy and insolvency law,
  • labour law,
  • administrative and tax law,
  • real estate law.


As part of our offer we provide:

  • comprehensive legal services to entrepreneurs, relating both to their corporate structure and the scope of their business activities,
  • legal opinions and legal advice,
  • drafting agreements, declarations, and other legal documents,
  • participation and representation of the Client in relation to third persons, including trade negotiations,
  • representation in courts and administrative authorities, as well as in front of arbitration tribunals.



Key terms of our services
Effectiveness is our top priority when providing our legal services. In order to achieve this, we strive to get to know our Clients and their expectations. This in turn allows us to establish a cooperation fully reflecting our Client’s needs.

Relationship with the Client
Effective services are always based on communication and dialogue with the Client. This is why our Firm reaches out to our Clients and inquires about their issues and needs. We avoid the mere quoting of provisions of statutes, or going into lengthy discussions basing our discourse on academic cases or purely theoretical analysis. Our goal, instead, is to recommend the best possible solution to our Client, based on an analysis of the circumstances of the given case, taking into consideration all eventualities.

Punctuality is the obvious and paramount duty of any lawyer. This is why our Firm puts exceptional emphasis on keeping to agreed deadlines, be they set by the provisions of law, or by the Client themselves.


uslugi_3Clear remuneration principles
Our remuneration is suited to our Client’s needs. The remuneration rate is established individually and depends on the amount of work and complexity of a given case. The Clients are systematically informed about the number of hours we have devoted to their matters.
In the case of fixed, comprehensive services tendered to a given Client, we propose a monthly remuneration rate.
With regard to individual services, an hourly rate will be negotiated, depending on the nature and complexity of a given case.



Any enquiry concerning the remuneration or evaluation of a legal fee is always delivered free of charge, and we will be happy to recommend a suitable fee arrangement which best suits your needs. We very much look forward to receiving your inquiries.

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