The Firm was founded by the two senior partners, solicitors Maciej Grudziński, and Piotr Rosicki. Below you will find short biographies of both.


Solicitor, co-founder of the Law Firm, and third-generation representative of a family closely tied to the shipping industry.

Maciej specialises in transport law, and in particular maritime law and shipping, marine insurance, inland navigation, and the carriage of goods by road.

During his career, Maciej has worked for a large ship owner (in the claims department handling cases regarding H & M and P & I insurance, as well as underwriting). For many years he also collaborated with transport experts performing cargo inspections (including „pre- loading surveys” and the inspection of damaged goods in vessel holds), hull & machinery inspections (including collision and grounding damage), and providing assistance with flag inspections. He is often involved in cases regarding personal affairs, including missing crew, or fatalities on board ships.

He regularly handles both court and out-of-court cases related to transport, in particular regarding contractual disputes (claims under charter parties, insurance claims, and CMR claims), as well as claims in torts (collisions and ship sinkings, wreck removals, and oil pollution). He also takes care of security and enforcement proceedings, including vessel arrests.

Maciej frequently arranges, supervises and coordinates the work of legal correspondents for domestic Clients, cooperating, in this regard, with world-class renowned law firms, especially in the London, U.S., and Asian markets. He has considerable experience in public court proceedings, acting before the Maritime Chambers and conducting negotiations relating to claims resulting from the carriage of goods.


His vocational career in Poland began in 2004 in one of the leading law firms in the West Pomerania Region, where he was responsible, above all, for all matters related to maritime law, and corporate law. In both these fields, he took an active part in many pioneering projects, including establishing the legal terms of the development and operation of offshore investments on the Baltic Sea.

Piotr has broad experience in proceedings held, not only before common and administrative courts of law, but also before the Maritime Chambers, both in court and registry proceedings, where he has represented ship owners managing the overwhelming majority of marine vessels flying the Polish flag. He has also cooperated with foreign authorities (notably German and Cypriot) regarding vessel registration procedures.

With regards to the field of corporate law, his long-term experience encompasses all legal issues related to the running of commercial companies, from introducing foreign investors onto the Polish market and all the formalities connected therewith, through the legal optimisation of a company’s corporate structure, all the way to the merger, division and transformation of commercial companies. It should be noted that he took part in the very seldom practiced (in Poland) procedure of trans-border mergers of companies. He provides, upon Client’s request, legal assistance in bilingual form, which is undoubtedly an asset when it comes to providing services for foreign entities or Clients with foreign share capital. He has broad experience in running communal companies and accessing economic development funds provided by the European Union.

Piotr has a wide expertise in civil contracts and agreements. His practice includes complex lease and sale contracts, including agreements relating to marine vessels, maritime mortgages, and service contracts in all areas of business (e.g. forwarding, transport, insurance, and banking), as well as agreements regarding long-term cooperation, or investments between business partners.

He is a co-author and lecturer on maritime law and underwriting trainings organised for the leading insurers in Poland.