Our team


Maciej Grudziński is a solicitor, co-founder of the Law Firm, and a third-generation representative of a family which is closely tied to the shipping industry.

Maciej completed his master’s studies in maritime law and the international sale of goods at the University of Southampton (LLM). He specialises in transport law, and specifically focuses on maritime law and shipping, marine insurance, inland navigation, and the carriage of goods by road (CMR). Maciej is frequently instructed by H&M insurers and P&I clubs, as well as cargo interests primarily involved in haulage. He regularly handles both in-court and out-of-court commercial disputes, and recovery cases.

Over the past few years Maciej has been involved in several major commercial cases pertaining to the international sale of goods and contracts for services. He regularly advises foreign clients in their businesses in Poland.


Piotr Rosicki is a solicitor and co-founder of the Law Firm.

His vocational career in Poland began in 2004 in one of the leading law firms in the West Pomerania Region where he was chiefly responsible for all matters related to both maritime law and corporate law.

Piotr has broad experience in proceedings held, not only before common and administrative courts of law, but also before the Maritime Chambers, in both court and registry proceedings. Over the past few years Piotr has been involved in ship financing transactions in many jurisdictions. He has broad experience in organising and providing comprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs (including communal companies) and accessing economic development funds provided by the European Union.

He is a co-author and lecturer on maritime law, as well as providing underwriting trainings for the leading insurers in Poland.

Kinga Hałasa

Kinga Hałasa is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Szczecin. She was entered into the list of trainee solicitors at the Solicitor’s Chamber of Szczecin in 2016 and since that time has been associated with RG & Co.

Since the beginning of her training she has focused her attention on what is broadly understood as transport law, especially concerning matters related to the international carriage of goods, both by land and by sea. She supports the Law Firm in activities aimed at the pursuit of contractual claims, including claims on the basis of the CMR Convention and insurance claims, as well as tort claims (ship sinkings, and shipboard fires). Kinga has experience in security proceedings, including vessel arrests and enforcement proceedings, also on the basis of foreign enforcement titles. She provides ongoing services to entities in the transport industry including reviews of civil contracts and agreements, as well as preparing corporate documents (including bilingual ones). In addition, she arranges and coordinates cooperation with the largest law firms in the world, including assisting in international commercial transactions encompassing the financing, delivering, and registration of ships.

Justyna Florek

Justyna Florek graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Szczecin. She is currently a trainee solicitor at the Solicitor’s Chamber of Szczecin.

Justyna joined RG & Co. in 2017 while still studying at the University. From the onset she has been handling cases related to the transport industry, mainly focusing on international road transport (CMR), and claims resulting from the loss of, or damage to, goods. She has successively handled many complicated trans-border cases pertaining to the international sale of goods, the carriage of goods by sea, and transport-related incidents.

She has experience in day-to-day legal service for both Polish and foreign clients. Justyna regularly assists in complicated recovery cases, and the enforcement of foreign judgements.

Agata Grosicka

Agata Grosicka is a trainee solicitor at the Solicitor’s Chamber of Szczecin.

Agata graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Szczecin and joined RG & Co. in 2018. Agata gained her professional training while working in a major law firm where she was, among other things, involved in court proceedings handled on behalf of the largest insurance companies in Europe. In her work in the Law Firm, Agata supports entrepreneurs in their day-to-day operations, mostly assisting entities with foreign capital. Agata also regularly participates in court proceedings (civil and criminal). She is a member of the RG & Co.’s internal team dealing with highly complicated litigations.

Martyna Gawdzis

Martyna Gawdzis has been the head of the Law Firm’s secretariat since March 2018.

In this position she optimises the workflow procedures in the office, heads up the client care and events programme, and manages the office as an integral part of the company’s workforce. By being a Legal Secretary, she is indispensable to the team since she helps ease their workload by providing administrative support and assists them in better organising their time.