6. International Maritime Congress

Maritime economy, investing in the seaside real estate, innovation, ecology - these are only a few subjects of the sixth edition of the event that will bring to Szczecin entrepreneurs, managers, experts, and decision-makers from all over Poland and Europe. The event will take place on the 15th and 16th June 2018.

Public holidays on 1st and 3rd May

Due to public holidays in Poland on 1st and 3rd May, our our office will be closed on these dates. However, every received e-mail will be forwarded to the appropriate person as soon as possible. In case of any urgent matters, please feel free to contact our partners on their mobile phones (contact details available in the “Partners” section of our website).

International conference "Connecting by Inland Navigation" has just started in Wrocław. Our lawyers are among the guests.

Happy Easter!

May you be blessed with succes, prosperity and happines always!

Changes to layout of RG & Co. e-mails

Some of our contact details have slightly changed over the last few weeks. Accordingly, the footnotes in our e-mails have been revised rearranged. You may i.a. note that the logo in our messages will now comprise blue letters, rather than white on a navy blue background. The changes will be taking place from 26th March 2018 onwards.

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